Benefits of Joining GIBA

Membership of a focused group or unified voice in the form of an Association can be very valuable as it brings common issues to the attention of government, regulators and stakeholders. The Association is able to work with all stakeholders to create viable and applicable solutions for issues, or to strategically work to move the industry forward. In addition, the basic function of any association is to provide valuable information, appropriate training and access to materials that otherwise would be difficult for any single organization to obtain. GIBA as the sole and recognized group of licensed independent broadcasters serves as the liaison for the overall good of the industry. This means that GIBA is the face and voice of the electronic broadcasting industry in Ghana. The importance of finding such an organization that can provide value, and one that is willing to listen to members’ suggestions and needs cannot be underestimated. Joining GIBA therefore opens up many opportunities for growth and the more involved, the more benefits realized. In summary, becoming a member of the Association provides rewards such as:


  1. Regular and timely updates on policies pertaining to the industry;
  2. Enhanced networking opportunities where valuable professional contacts are made;
  3. Gaining political clout through committees that track legislative developments that could have an impact on business;
  4. Receive support from other stakeholder organisations;
  5. Collective market development and research;
  6. Professional development, promotion and branding; and
  7. Wider access to a wealth of industry information and exclusive resources.
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