Communiqué after the Emergency GIBA Executive Council/Council of Elders Meeting

To: All GIBA Members,

National Communications Authority (NCA) Nationwide FM Broadcasting Audit

On Monday, October 2, 2017, the Executive Council together with the GIBA Council of Elders met to deliberate on the way forward in relation to the nationwide FM broadcasting audit by the NCA which resulted in the revocation of authorisations and imposition of massive fines and penalties on some members.

The Leadership of GIBA wish to inform Members that:

  1. We have interacted with a lot of our members who expressed displeasure over the sanctions meted out to them by the NCA. We have thus collected evidence from some of these members which indicate the need to engage the NCA to properly address the issues of the affected members. The Members have therefore mandated the leadership of GIBA to intervene on their behalf in this matter.
  2. We have written to the NCA requesting for a meeting on Friday, October 6, 2017 to discuss the issues emanating from our preliminary investigations carried out.
  3. In the interim, other members who have been affected are requested to submit to the GIBA National Secretariat all relevant documentation in relation to the spectrum/regulatory payments and other complaints.
  4. Members are encouraged to continue trusting in the Leadership in resolving the issues and to remain calm and stay any individual action until after the attempts to dialogue with the NCA.
  5. We are following all due processes to see an amicable and fair/just solution to this situation.
  6. We believe there are issues that need to be discussed following the actions of the NCA and these can be resolved through dialogue.

The GIBA National Secretariat will continue to keep members updated on developments as they unfold.


Andrew Danso-Aninkora


024 2174333