Message from The Executive Secretary

Welcome to the website of the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA).

Established in 1998 under the name Association of Private Broadcasting Companies (APBC) the name changed to GIBA in 2004 to embrace both the entities and individuals who make things happen as well as reflect the changing technological and demographic developments taking place globally. It has since dedicated its activities towards the promotion, training and practice of good broadcasting ethics to support a growing global industry.

GIBA is the umbrella body for all privately-owned and operational radio and television broadcast organisations in Ghana who have been duly authorized by the National Communications Authority (NCA). Its major responsibilities are to carry out advocacy and ensure the orderly development of independent broadcasting nationally, while defending the private broadcaster against vested interests and meeting the training needs of members.

To effectively fulfil its vision of being the leading, most respected electronic broadcast representative organisation in Ghana, GIBA continuously seeks to contribute positively to the socio-economic development of the country through various programmes, seminars and workshops. Our doors are open to all stakeholders who seek to work with us for common interest and solutions, as well as for the establishment and advancement of professional broadcasting standards and ethics in Ghana and the world on the whole.

GIBA’s desire and commitment to serve both members and all stakeholders both locally and internationally, has reinforced the drive to strengthen our efforts at building an information-driven, people-centered and development-oriented centre (secretariat/website) where information and knowledge can be easily accessed, shared and utilized.

It is envisaged that you will find the information on this site useful.

Thanks for your interest in GIBA.



Gloria Kafui Hiadzi

Executive Secretary

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